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Bai Gao (Paul Picot) watchmaking company was born in 1976 in the Swiss watchmaking Sacred Valley of La (Jura) of (Le Noirmont). Jura Valley is a 300 km long arc Valley, gathered in La Chaux de fonds and Neuchatel etc to watch. Here the enterprise up to hundreds, including Audemars Pigeut, Jaeger Le Coulter, Breguet, Blancpain, Patek Philippe and other famous watchmaking companies, so the Jura Valley is the valley of watch "fully deserve". Twenty million one hundred and sixty-one thousand two hundred and twelve Paco founder Mario - Boou Qi (Mario Boiocchi) was born in 1934 in Italy of Milan. Young Mario worked as a jeweler and watchmaker, his uncle before World War II began in Italy sales of Swiss watches, Mario also often accompanied his uncle to visit Switzerland suppliers, so make a lot of friends in Switzerland, the market has accumulated a lot of experience, and form a huge network of relationships. In 70s, the watchmaking industry is rolex replica facing the great depression, the Japanese quartz watch watch market, but Mario firmly believe that high-end mechanical watches will still be the darling of the market. He developed the first series of Paco, this series to meet the needs of the market in Italy, the Italians greatly sought after. The replica watches company also opened the Paco tab on this journey. Each piece of the watch is show ingenuity, watchmakers make painstaking efforts. In particular, Paco watchmaker's respect for their work, and make every effort to give the greatest help. Paco watchmaker with the most modern technology to create a unique watch in the factory, in the process of making best efforts. Watch every detail before the period of industrialization process the most complete tabulation. Watch every movement and complex parts, components are completed by manual assembly. Paco watches reflects the excellent quality of Swiss Made ", and strive for excellence. When you are wearing when Paco watch, watching the watch every detail, you can really feel very attentively watchmakers. Paco has received a number of awards rolex replica in the world, the design concept and exquisite style of excellence, through every detail in the watch manufacturing. Most of the watches have passed the COSC certification BOGAO Observatory, with automatic tourbillon, Tourbillon watch, hollow and enamel top watchmaking, with high precision and complex time function. Over the years, adhere to the Paco development alone watch movement, "best watch will be the next" as the motto, create a crystallization of traditional and modern Swiss watchmaking technology, most incisive interpretation of classical aesthetics watch.