Luxury library to share those millions of replica watches

5 million For the vast majority Whether it is like the table, still do not like the table of people, are the horizon of the clouds, pleasing to the eye. Often heard people say, "high price", "high price", then in the end what is high? Trust the congregation that many and messy, no agreement, but for a small piece of wrist on the table, 500 million is indeed not discounted high prices. Today, and share these tables are almost four to five million of the public price high, for a glimpse of the end of the friends, no more carefully look at all of a sudden, increase awareness, rose up attitude. Patek Philippe Super Complex Timekeeping Series This replica watches uk carries Cal.R 27 Q (semi-automatic mechanical movement), that the appropriate use of Gyromax 100 Lun, the number of 467 parts, a case of 18k gold flower plant material, crocodile leather strap, with the day revealed , The week revealed, the month revealed, calendar revealed, calendar, moon phase, three questions and other functions, in particular, when asked three and million calendar function, to increase the value of this watch to play up to the most critical push effect. This watch watch diameter 42 mm, water depth is not detailed, expected should not exceed 50 meters, the reference price of 4480000 yuan (subject to the actual price). Girard Perregaux Men 's Table Series This is a very creative table, the dial above the "big bug machine" device rolex replica, Girard Perregaux official called "eat machine big bug machine", its initial inspiration from the first under the first station to eat the slot The Liberty Bell, created by Charles August Fey of San Francisco in 1894, has three tiger characters, revealing the hoofs, spades, hearts, hearts, and free bell symbols of the horse. The right side of the machine after the children, the tiger will start to move the character. This watch is a manual for the mechanical movement, 18K a plant flower gold material, with tourbillon function, table diameter 43 × 43.95 mm, waterproof 30 meters, the reference price of 4738000 yuan (the actual price). Vacheron Constantin teach inheritance series Vacheron Constantin, of course, is the manufacture of the most high-end luxury watch one of the brands close, the table carrying manual due to mechanical movement, case for the 950 platinum material (so far can be called on the body with the most expensive precious metals) , With the days revealed, revealed weeks, revealed months, years calendar, tourbillon, hollow and other functions, in addition to years of calendar, hollow and tourbillon is the watch to increase the value of this close factor. This watch watch diameter 44 mm, 30 meters waterproof, with reference to the price of 4851,000 yuan (subject to the actual price). Audemars Piguet JULES AUDEMARS series Audemars Piguet in the highest luxury wrist on the rolex replica manufacturing area, as has an extraordinary expression. This watch carries Cal.2885 semi-automatic mechanical movement, that the appropriate use of Philips Curve hairspring, 950 platinum case material, with the days revealed, revealed weeks, months revealed, calendar revealed, calendar, time, and Three questions and other functions, that inside, calendar and three years is to increase the value of the main motivating factor. This watch watch diameter 42 mm, 20 meters waterproof, with reference to the price of 5027000 yuan (subject to the actual price). 120826 Overall rating: these watches are almost all the precious metal material + the most advanced features with the layout of complex, such a "lineup" of course, doomed the value of the price is not low, but there is a little tight, is "limited", although up to now There is no absolute control of these watches a limited number of things the situation, but based on common sense experience, they should not all production tables.