Mechanical replica watches normal error is how much?

Wear mechanical watches higher than the electronic table, with the function of the complex mechanical watches on the higher grade. As a result, the mechanical wrist watch is more and more complex, many mechanical watches are revealed and the calendar week. What is the right thing to do on a mechanical wrist? Mechanical wrist watch Lucky accuracy mainly depends on the frequency of the balance spring to ensure the stable degree of initiation. Because of the impact of replica watches uk machine application process by many factors inside and outside, so that the balance spring is a simple harmonic oscillation, make the wrist watch Lucky initiation error, concentrate on debugging can only make error is reduced, and can not be absolutely discarded, so the wrist on the table with the table as long as the lucky lucky precision index, that is to conform to the standards table. The transfer table not always the good times are back anyway just fine-tuning. Why do the absolute precision mechanical rolex replica MEIZHE? With today's technology, today's mechanical watch is absolutely accurate. By the end of the table itself must rely on is the mechanical spring moon, ability for movement can supply operation + ray test. Affected by the physical mechanical watch special properties and application conditions, a small movement in gear, spring, pendulum friction each other movement, coupled with the usual office and living in earthquake, sweat and water pendulum and magnetic field, background and so on, unless you watch absolutely accurate made and placed in tightly closed no space in the constant temperature vacuum shock mount, otherwise the error is certainly revealed. Mechanical replica watches of the normal range of errors? Table +/-30 daily imports of machinery and a second difference can be called the "right", and the evidence system of Swiss Astronomical Observatory (C.O.S.C.), mechanical daily -4/+6 seconds differences then has been called the "right" and that the astronomical observatory sporadic; more strict Geneva marks, are allowed to watch the daily tolerance -3/+2. As long as the error is within a reasonable range, and it can be foreseen and amended, is acceptable. If the error over a reasonable range, that is, the fault, we must first get the machine table test instrument qualitative test.